Modding guides:
The first modding guide:
- Download the basic Modding Guide

It explains a bit the ZD folder structure, how to start creating mods and some basic things about the file formats.

An example (taxi) Zombie Driver car:
- Download an example Zombie Driver car source files

The zip file contains 3DSMAX, OBJ and Photoshop files along with intructions how to build your own cars for Zombie Driver.

To use a mod download the zip file and place it in the Pack folder where you installed the game (you should have two other packs already present in there: and
- Darkness MOD
You will also have to define this new pack in the resources.cfg placed inside the Release folder.

Open the resources.cfg and modify the line that originally looks like that:

To use the Darkness mod it should look like this:

Lanuch the game and enjoy the darkness!